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Land Division

Objective of the Division

Mission of the Land division is to acquire   and vest lands appropriately  in line with the programs implemented by the ministry towards the development of the country.

Functions of the Division

Accordingly functions of the Land division are as follows.
  1. Acquire land required for the institutions of the Ministry.
  2. Vest Crown Lands required for the institutions of the Ministry.
  3. Co-ordinate with the institutions such as Land Ministry, Survey Department, Divisional secretariats etc. in relation with land acquisition.
  4. Make investigation on objections and complaints maid against land acquisition in order to get determination.
  5. Monitor the process of  land acquisition including payments of compensation and utilization of the land acquired /vested
Main activities perform by the Division
  1. Grant Hon. Minister’s approval for acquisition of land under relevant section of the UDA Act. and SLLR&DC Act.
  2. Publish gazette notifications for vesting of lands/properties belong to Local Authorities with the UDA when required.
  3. Vest crown lands with the UDA and SLLR&DC when required.
  4. Submit land acquisition application to Land Ministry.
  5. Maintain acquisition files,co-ordinating with   relevant agencies such as Land Ministry, Divisional Secretariats and Survey Department and maintain data.
  6. Hold inquiries under the Section 4 of the land Acquisition Act when required.
  7. Forward Hon. Minister’s recommendations to the land monistry for obtaining the ownership of the land, under the 38(a) proviso of the Land Acquisition Act.
  8. Grant Hon. Minister’s approval to divesting land under the section 39(a) and abandon of acquisition procedure under the section 50 of the Land Acquisition Act. when decided by the Board of Directors of the institutions requiring land.
  9. Co-ordinate with the Attorney General Department in connection the legal matters of Land Acquisition.
  10. Provide instructions, guide lines etc. on land acquisition to the UDA, SLLR&DC and NPPD.
  11. Submit Hon Minister’s recommendation in connection with publishing Presidential Proclamation under section 2 of the U.D. Projects (special provision) Act No 2 of 1982.
  12. Monitor the process of land acquisition and utilization of land acquired for the purposes.

Organization Chart

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