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Project Co-ordination & Programming

Objective of the Division

Coordination and monitoring of projects and programs of the institutions under the Ministry and dealing with all activities relating to project development and donor coordination.

Functions of the Division

  1. Coordination with Department of External Resources and Department of National Planning on submission of project proposal seeking donor or treasury assistance.
  2. Coordination between the Ministry and the respective line Agencies/ project officers regarding donor funded projects treasure funded projects mainly covering the areas of policy matters, resource allocation, and donor coordination.
  3. Liaise with Department of External Resources, Department of National Planning, Department of National Budget, Donor agencies and other government agencies on matters relating to the implementation of donor funded projects & Local Funded Projects.
  4. Preparation of the Annual Implementation Plan of the ministry including line agencies and fund allocation for activities of the AIP with Chief Accountant.
  5. Coordinating meeting with treasury & donor projects periodically to monitor and find    solutions of the issues of the implementation.
  6. Complementing activities with the other relevant agencies related to the subject of the Ministry.
  7. Progress Review of the projects of the institutions under the Ministry.
Organization Chart