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Internal Audit

Objective of the Division

  1. To establish a sound internal control system and procedure in the Ministry of Urban Development & Sacred Area Development and the institutions under it.
  2. To minimize and prevent the frauds & errors in the institution.
  3. Understand the key risk areas of the organization.
  4. Maximize the effectiveness & efficiency.
  5. Solving the financial & management problems.
  6. Summing up the performance of the institutes under the Ministry by holding Audit & Management Committee Meetings.
  7. Examine the development projects and programmes whether they achieved their targets efficiently according to the action plan & establish a system of progress review.
  8. Examine whether the social responsibility was achieved by public accountability on government expenditure.

Functions of the Division

  1. Supervise the performance of the control system of the management in the Institutions.
  2. Supervise whether activities of financial & administration in accordance with the Financial Regulations, Circulars Guidelines, Tender Guide lines & E-code.
  3. Supervise the reliability of financial & other reports.
  4. Introduce the system of improving efficiency in the institutions.
  5. Maximizing the quality of service by minimizing the inefficiency & the frauds.
  6. Review whether the Government expenditure was incurred for achieving the Value for Money.
  7. Holding the Audit & Management Committee Meetings.
  8. Evaluate the quality of the performance of the staff who have been assigned responsibilities of the institutions.
  9. Check prevention from losses of the Government Assets and properties.
  10. Investigate the government transaction whether minimizing cost, wastage & maximizing the profit, security of property & whether they are using economically.
  11. Carrying out special investigations independently.
  12. Identifying the risk areas and to carry out Risk Base Auditing.
  13. Check whether the functions of the institutions according to the Action Plan.

Organization Structure

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