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Finance Division

Objective of the Division

Ensure Effective and Efficient management of financial resources of the Ministry of Urban Development & Sacred area Development and other institutions coming under purview of the Ministry.

Functions of the Division

  1. Formulate and implement Financial plan for the Ministry.
  2. Prepare and submit Budget Estimate for the Ministry and Co-Ordinate the presentation of  Budget Estimates for the Institutions under the Ministry.
  3. Prepare cash forecast and Obtain Imprest  from treasury  and release according to the plan.
  4. Provide Supplies and services to the Ministry.
  5. Make all payments for the Ministry.
  6. Operate Official Bank accounts for the Ministry.
  7. Maintain database for all financial transactions.
  8. Guide, advise and co-ordinate financial functions of the institutions coming under the Ministry.
  9. Prepare render  financial reports for the Ministry and Monitor financial reporting of  Institutions under the Ministry.
  10. Prepare and render  Annual accounts for the Ministry and Monitor submission of Annual accounts for the Institutions under the Ministry.
  11. Guide and advise for the disbursement of Foreign Aid and Accounting of all Foreign Aid Disbursements.
  12. Assist to Secretary to review Financial Performance for the Ministry and Institutions coming under the Ministry.

Structure of the Division