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Administration Division

Objective of the Division

To carryout the organizational administrative functions in a self leadership and effective manner.

Functions of the Division

  1. Provision of auxiliary services to the Ministry and line agencies under its charge in institutional and administrative aspects to support its actions towards achieving the mission of the Ministry.
  2. Personal Management activities pertaining to the staff of the Ministry.
  3. Administrative matters related to the organizations under the purview of the Ministry.
  4. Management of Establishment work and provide guidance to officers in the Ministry and the institution under the Ministry
  5. Assistance to improve the moral of the staff through effective supervision and coordination.
  6. Work relation to foreign scholarships, foreign training and foreign tours of officers of the Ministry and Institutions.
  7. Creation of a better environment by providing utilities, infrastructure to achieve the mission of the Ministry.
  8. Creating the awareness of the staff to improve the service through necessary instructions and feed back.
  9. Provision of office equipments, stationary ,welfare ,sanitary needs etc. to the staff.
  10. Attend the maintenance of building, vehicle and equipment.
  11. Provision of transport facilities to the staff of the Ministry for official purposes.
  12. Provision of various types of loans under the advanced Account to the Ministry staff.
  13. Matters related to security and cleanliness of the Ministry.
  14. Matters related to Agrahara Insurance claims of the ministerial staff.


Organization Chart of the Administration Division