Ministry of Urban Development and Sacred Area Development

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A healthy Urban environment which meets basic needs mainly safe drinking water and adequate sanitation & develops sacred areas to sustain nature and people.


To create opportunities on a sustainable basis to enhance the quality of life and better living environment for the people through Physical Planning and well planned Urban Development creating cities & towns, improving slums, promoting Urban Rural Connectivity, provisioning of safe drinking water, improved sanitation and develop sacred areas to promote sustainable human settlements.

Implementation Strategies

Formulate & Implement national policies on urban development, physical planning and water supply services.

Promote appropriate locations based national and regional level physical plans for a new set of growth centres and town centres, which will be linked with each other by modern communication and transport facilities.

Improve the quality of life of the urban population through the promotion of sustainable national growth centres, townships, cultural centres and green environment

Facilitate integrated planning development of urban centres while preserving the natural environment and appropriately designing the built environment with suitable waste management system.

Plan and implement sacred area development programmes

Mobilize and empower rural communities in planning, construction, maintenance and operation of community-based water supply schemes and sanitation programmes.

Manage sustainable all environmentally valuable and sensitive natural urban resources by effective implementation of existing laws and introduction of new laws if necessary.

Provide pleasant urban environment safeguarding their natural resource base, local traditions and cultural heritage.

Create economic opportunities in all urban development plans/programmes.

Implement urban renewal programmes to address urban poverty and to upgrade undeserved urban settlements.

Encourage and facilitate local government institutions and community organisations, to undertake water supply services, sanitation facilities and waste management systems and their operation and maintenance.

Prepare plans combined with surface drainage and storm water management at catchments area level or river basin level and promote using them.

Establish effective surface drainage and storm water management systems in low lying areas to control floods, improve environment and living conditions and to facilitate urban development.

Encourage and facilitate community participation where appropriate to implement urban development plans, upgrading of undeserved settlements and water supply services.

Empowerment of local authorities in environmental planning and management within their respective areas of authority