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Community Water Supply

The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Division (RWSSD) of the Ministry of Urban Development and Sacred Area Development (MUDSAD) is the National Agency responsible for the development of the rural water supply and sanitation sector in Sri Lanka. The RWSSD has undertaken the implementation of two large scale Community Water Supply & Sanitation Projects (CWSSP) in thirteen (13) districts of Sri Lanka at present with financial assistance from the World Bank and the Japanese Bank for International Corporation (JBIC), with the participation of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the beneficiary communities. Projects are designed to achieve the set objectives by integrating safe drinking water, basic sanitation, hygiene education, environmental programmes and diversifying community activities to socio-economic and cultural fields. This integrated approach has been tested and proven to be highly successful during the implementation of Community Water Supply & Sanitation Project – I (CWSSP - I). This pilot project has been rated as the "BEST PRACTICE" and "WELL MANAGED PROJECT" by the World Bank among 200 similar projects around the world. Based on this innovative approach tested through CWSSP – I, a National Policy for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector has been formulated and is now being implemented in the entire country.

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